Meet the Team

Acoustic Sciences has assembled a world-class leadership team!

Jason Winder

Chief Executive Officer

Jason has 30+ years experience managing highly technical projects startups. Prior to Acoustic Sciences, Jason founded Aerstone, a boutique cybersecurity consultancy certified by the NSA as a vulnerability assessor. Jason has an MBA from the Katz School of Business at UPitt.

Dr. Robert Muratore

Chief Scientific Officer

Robert has 15 years experience in the ultrasonics field.  He is a well-published and patent-holding biophysicist, as well as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound.  He’s also a former President of the Ultrasonics Industry Association (UIA).

Alan Winder

Founder and Technical Advisor

Alan is a well-known and published expert in the fields of ultrasound and sonar. He has decades of experience in anti-submarine warfare and diagnostic medical ultrasound. He has been awarded 11 patents in the areas of ultrasound and bone fracture healing.

Next Steps...

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